During WWII the 505 Regimental Combat Team was made up of these units:
505 Parachute Infantry Regiment | 456 Parachute Field Artillery Bn. | B-307 Engineer Bn. | 307th Medical Company | 80th Anti-Aircraft Bn.

>>>Would you like to honor a 505 Regimental Combat Team veteran who served in any of the units listed above, just contact us by double clicking here or manually type in ContackMeAt@aol.com.

>>With the 75th anniversary of D-Day approaching read the Wire Bulletins, as they came in during June of 1944.

>>>February 1, 2019 - Read Private First Class Charles Barnhart's WW-II memoir. He was a veteran of H company, 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment. Pfc. Barnhart earned the Silver Star medal and Purple Heart in Holland. He and Private James A. Wambach, an H Company bazooka team, were dispatched to a roadblock alone against a German onslaught.

>>>May 12, 2019 - Thought it was something when the 32 year old men of the regiment made a combat jump. Read about Sergeant Charles E. Burt making his first combat jump into Sicily at 54 years of age.

>>>505 Regimental Combat Team veterans that have recently passed away;
>Fred B. Morgan, - 97 years old, 505PIR - Medic, September 21,1921 - April 7,2019.
>William A. (Bill) Sullivan, - 95 years old, 505PIR - HQ Company 1st Bn., September 24,1923 - January 26,2019.
>Verle J. Turner, - 96 years old, 505PIR - 2nd Bn. HQ Company, March 7,1923 - February 3,2019.
>Francis Halcomb, - 90 years old, 80-AA - Unk Battery, January 27, 1927 - January 9, 2018.
>Edward V. Crowley, Sr., - 97 years old, 456-PFA - C Battery, March 24, 1921 - May 7, 2018.
>James Leland “Jim” Wiggins, - 98 years old, 456-PFA - HQ Battery, November 3, 1919 - May 21, 2018.
>Lee "Bill" Allen Hardwick, - 96 years old, 505PIR - 1st Bn. HQ Company, July 7,1921 - June 8,2018.
>Harold Eatman, - 102 years old, 505PIR - H Company, December 22,1915 - July 6,2018.
>John Perozzi, - 98 years old, 505PIR - E Company, September 10,1923 - July 31,2018.
>Dr. John Orr West, - 92 years old, 505PIR - Medic, February 12,1926 - August 3,2018.
>Robert G Anderson, - 93 years old, 505PIR - A Company, January 25,1925 - August 14,2018.
>Rudolph Charles Hardwick, - 104 years old, 456-PFA - unk Battery, November 1,1913 - August 20,2018.
>Russell William Brown, - 96 years old, 505PIR - F Company, April 29,1922 - August 31,2018.
>William W. Whalen, - 97 years old, 505PIR - F Company, September 13,1920 - September 13,2018.
>Henry "Hank" Langevin, - 95 years old, 456PFA - B Battery, November 30,1922 - September 14,2018.
>Wayne Lebsack, - 92 years old, 505PIR - E Company, July 26, 1925 - April 30, 2018.
>James J. Brennan, - 95 years old, 456-PFA - C Battery, August 15,1923 - November 6,2018.
>Ralph William Yeager, - 96 years old, 456-PFA - D Battery, February 23,1922 - November 8,2018.
>Lawrence M. Gagnon, - 94 years old, 505PIR - Regimental HQ Company, September 26,1924 - November 24,2018.
>Louis Clinton Hudson, Jr. - 94 years old, 456-PFA - HQ Battery, July 29, 1922 - June 21, 2017.

>>New 2019 ! Read Staff Sergeant Harry Buffone's interview on his 100th birthday. He served with the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, I company.

>>New 2019 ! Lieutenant Morton D. Katz, a 99 year old lawyer still practicing. Morton served with the 509th PIB and the 505th PIR.

>>New 2019 ! Lieutenant Fred B. Morgan, returns to Normandy 67 years later.

>>>Tech/5 Bill Sullivan became a prisoner of war in Normandy, France on D-Day June 6th 1944. After five escape attempts the Germans took a photo of Bill to help them capture him in future escape efforts. Click here to see the German photo.

>>>October 2, 2018 - Read Sergeant Norbert Beach's WW-II remembrances. Sergeant Beach was a veteran of H company, 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment. He made four combat jumps.

>>NEW ! August 10, 2018 - Read Staff Sergeant Harry Berry's WW-II diary. Harry was a veteran of B Battery, 80th AA Battalion.

>>2nd Lieutenant Raymond Paul Raux gave his life on the island of Sicily on July 10,1943. Read Raymond's story by "clicking here" !

>>NEW ! 2017 We just posted a picture of Company A medic Kelly Byars on our archive web-page.(Four Stars of Valor, pages 36,37,177,294 )

>>NEW ! 2018 Visit Staff Sergeant George Sipple's webpage featuring a rare photograph of the Field Artillery Parachute Test Battalion.

>>NEW ! 2018 Staff Sergeant Winfred Davies was one of five brothers that served during WW-II. He served as a medic in both the 505th Parachute Infantry and the 456th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion. He earned the Silver Star medal in Italy and the Purple Heart medal in Sicily with the 505 PIR and an oak leaf cluster to the Purple Heart in Holland with the 456 PFA.

>>NEW ! May 2019 - Two newspaper articles featuring Winfred Davies, one article for the 50th anniversary of D-Day. Dr. Dan McIllvoy writes into Winfred's local paper, and the other, the June 15th 1977 release of the movie "A Bridge Too Far". Read both interesting stories, just click here.

>>>Do you have a favorite picture of a 505 Regimental Combat Team veteran that has some damage, Send us a digital copy, we can make the repairs for you gratis. Just contact us by double clicking here.

>>Visit our new veteran photograph archive page.             >>Read their individual stories on our Paratroopers page.

>>Wondering why your 505 Regimental Combat Team veteran was discharged from the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment, the 466th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion, the 139th Airborne Engineer Battalion, or the 155 Airborne AA Battalion ?   Click here for more information regarding veterans who served with the 505th Parachute Infantry or the 80th Airborne Anti-Aircraft Battalion. In June of 1945, aproximately one thousand 505 paratroopers were reassigned to the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment. This web page will also explain the veterans ASR Score (Army Service Rating Score), a point system that initially allowed veterans to be discharged after the war with a minimum cumlative score of 85 points.

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WWII Paratrooper Allen Langdon wrote the first official history of the 505 in 1986 called "Ready". Unfortunately, this outstanding book is out of print.

A while back copies of the original "Ready" were found in the Static Line warehouse. A few of these 1st edition books are still available for purchase. Price is $250.00 + $25.35 postage for a total of $275.35. Contact Ellen Peters by e-mail at eeptx@sbcglobal.net.

Proceeds from the book are used for the purchase and maintenance of plaques honoring 505 Regimental Combat Team veterans who were killed in action at the sites where they fought.


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