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Some of the books listed below can be purchased here.

The General and His Daughter: The Wartime Letters of General James M. Gavin
to His Daughter Barbara
Written by Barbara Gavin Fauntleroy.

All American All The Way*
The outstanding story of the 82nd A/B Division as told by the men who fought the war from the foxholes. Written by Phil Nordyke.

Four Stars of Valor*
The combat history of the 505 Regimental Combat Team in World War II. Written by Phil Nordyke. To order a signed edition of this book click here for an order form (word) or (pdf).

An Irresistible Force: Lieutenant Colonel Ben Vandervoort and the 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry. *
A combat history of the 2nd Battalion, 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment during World War II. Written by Phil Nordyke. To order a signed edition of this book click here for an order form (word) or (pdf).

The 82nd Airborne Division: A Photographic History Volume 1: Training, Sicily, Salerno, Anzio*
The book contains 450 historic images, some never before published, is a visual journey that chronicles the legendary 82nd Airborne Division from its training in the United States, preparation for combat in Morocco and Tunisia, through spearheading the invasion of Sicily in the United States Army’s first mass parachute assault, saving the beachhead at Salerno, fighting in the mountains of Italy, and the brutal combat at Anzio. Written by Phil Nordyke. To order a signed edition of this book click here for an order form (word) or (pdf).

WWII Paratrooper Allen Langdon, of C company, wrote this first official history of the 505 in 1986. Author: Allen Langdon,
Edited: Rev. George B. Wood.

Jump Commander*
Combat with the 505 and 508 Parachute Infantry Regiments of the 82nd Airborne Division in WWII.
Written by Mark J. Alexander and John Sparry.

Descending from the Clouds*
A Memoir of Combat in the 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82d Airborne Division.
Signed first printing hardcover available at dropzone82nd@aol.com for $45.

Written by Spencer Wurst and Gayle Wurst.

"Two Long Lives Shared" Authored by Dr. Dean McCandless "A World War Love Story" Dr. McCandless served
in the 505's 1st Battalion, Headquarters Company as a 1st Lieutenant."

"They Are Only Gone, If They Are Forgotten"
A story of the 505 Parachute Infantry's Third Battalion, Headquarters Company from 1942 through 1945. The author; Steven Robert Zaley, is the son of 505 Parachute Infantry paratrooper Stephen Zaley. The book is currently available online and in digital form.

No Better Place to Die*
Ste-Mere Eglise, June 1944-The Battle for la Fiere Bridge.
Written by Bob Murphy. This link will let you read selected pages of the book.

View a movie trailer based on Bob murphy's book. No Better Place to Die. It was called the bloodiest small-arms battle
in the history of U.S. warfare. The movie is currently on hold.

Passing Through
The 82nd Airborne Division in Northern Ireland, December 9,1943 until their move to England in early 1944. Author; John McCann.

The Sword Of St. Michael - The 82nd Airborne Division In WW II.*
A comprehensive history of the 82nd. Author, Guy LoFaro.

"Put On Your Boots And Parachutes"
Written by Deryk Wills. Part 1 contains personal stories of paratroopers in the 82nd Arborne Division during World War II.
Part 2 is a summary of William Tuckers' war diary. He served with I Company of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

"On Time On Target"
Written by John D. McKenzie. A World War II memoir of a Paratrooper who served with A Battery as a forward observer for the
456th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion. He tells of being captured by twelve SS men from Peiper's Kampfgruppe on the night
of the Christmas eve pullback along the Salm river.

"From Skies of Blue"
Written by Dr. James Emory Baugh. 1st lieutenant Baugh tells of his experiences with the 80th Airborne
Anti-Aircraft Battalion during World War II.

Written by 307th veteran Frank Miale. A story of B Company, 307th Airborne Engineer Battalion during WW II.

"I Maintain the Right"
Written by Peter Turnbull. An account of the 307th Airborne Engineers during WW II.

"Drop Zone Sicily"  Written by William B. Breuer - Story of the WW II airborne invasion of Sicily.Forward by Lt. General James M. Gavin (Retired). Published in 1983.

"Combat Jump" The young men who led the assault into Fortress Europe, July 1943
Written by Ed Ruggero.

"The First Men In" U.S. paratroopers and the fight to save D-Day
Written by Ed Ruggero.

Three outstanding books by Michel DeTrez;

1) Colonel Bob Piper.

2) "Doc" McIlvoy And His Parachuting Medics.

3) Colonel Ben Vandervoort.


"One Soldier's Story" The WW II Memoirs of A Sheboygan County Man - by Arthur G. Kroos Jr.
  Arthur entered the Wisconsin National Guard as a private in 1940 rising to the rank of Captain in 1944. He served with the 80th AA.
Read how his glider was forced to land on the island of Schouwen during operation Market - Garden.

505th "The Panther"
History of the official newsletter of the 505 WWII veterans and friends and family.

"Nobody Lives Forever" A 325 Glider Infantry perspective on the battle for La Fiere bridge/causeway. Written by Joel Baret.
Must be ordered through PayPal using Joel's e-mail address.

Origin of the Static Line
Written by Bob Gillette.


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Many of the books listed below are out of print.

82nd. Airborne Division- 60th.Anniv. Edition. - Turner Publishing

82nd.Airborne Division History updated history of 82nd. - Turner Publishing.

A Bridge too Far. by Cornelius Ryan

A Time for Trumpets. McDonald,Charles B. - Quill

At the Point of no Return, 'Pictorial History of the American Paratroopers Prior to Normandy.' Michel De Trez, D-Day Publishing, www.d-day-publishing.be

American Warriors, 'Pictorial History of the American Paratroopers in the Invasion of Normandy.' Michel De Trez, D-Day Publishing, www.d-day-publishing.Be.

Airborne, by Tom Clancy

Airborne Album. by John Andrews

Airborne-Combat History of US Airborne. Flannagen, E.M. Ballentine Books

All American All The Way. Author, Phil Nordyke

All the Way to Berlin. Author, James Megellas - Ballantine Books

Ardennes. Charles Whiting

Beyond Valor/WWII Ranger & Abn. Vets O'Donnell,Patrick Free Press

Bitter Victory-The Battle for Sicily 1943. D'Este, Carlo Harper Collins

Citizen Soldiers. Ambrose

Combat Jump. by Ed Ruggero

D Day. Author Stephen Ambrose

D Day- As They Saw It. by Lord Carver

D Day-The First 24 Hours. Author Will Fowler - Amber Books

Dawn of D-Day-These Men Were There. by David Howarth

D-Day Companion, The. by Penrose, Jane

Descending from the Clouds. Author, Spencer Wurst of F company 505 PIR and niece Gayle Wurst.

"Devils in Baggy Pants" by Ross S. Carter. Published 1951. Ross served with the 504th Parachute Infantry.

Down to Earth..507 PIR in Normandy 6/6. Author Martin K. Morgan - Schiffer

Drop Zone Normandy. by Napier Crookenden

Drop Zone Sicily. by William Breuer

Echoes of the Warriors. compiled/edited by George Jacobus of E company 505 PIR. Unpublished manuscript.

Fierce Individualists. Author, Dennis G. O'Loughlin of E company 505 PIR.

First Men In, The. by Ed Ruggero

Fortitude: The D Day deception Campaign. Hesketh, Roger - Overlook Press

Four Stars of Valor. Author, Phil Nordyke.

"From Skies of Blue" My Experiences with 82nd ABN Division. Author, James Emory Baugh - Universe.

Glide to Glory - 325 GIR Memoirs - Author, Jerry Lee Richlack.

Glidermen of Neptune/D Day glider attack Masters, Charles Amazon SIU Press

Greatest Generation, The. by Tom Brokaw.

"I Maintain The Right" An account of the 307th Airborne Engineers during WW II. Author, Peter Turnbull.

Let's Go - History of the 325 GIR. Author, Wayne Pierce.

Longest Day, The. by Cornelius Ryan - Simon & Schuster

"Medals". Published 1990. Author, George Leoleis. George served with the 504th Parachute Infantry.

Memoir of the 456 Parachute Field Artillery Battalion. Author, Starlyn Jorgensen Unpublished manuscript.

Memoirs of Arthur B. Kroos 80th AA & Aide DeCamp to Gen.Ridgeway - Sheboygan County History Society

Night Drop/Airborne invasion of Normandy. Marshal, S.L.A. - Battery Press

No Better Place To Die. Author Bob Murphy - revised edition June '06

On Killing Dave Grossman. Boston,Little, Brown,1995

On Time, On Target. Author, John D. McKenzie of A battery 456th Parachute Field Artillery Bn.

On To Berlin. by James Gavin - Viking Press

Our Finest Day- D Day June 6, 1944

"Our Outfit" The story of the Parachute Riggers of the 82nd Airborne Division. William Embry, Editor, unpublished.

Overlord. Author Max Hastings.

Parachute Soldier. Author, William Tucker of I company 505 PIR. - Int. Airborne Books
(First Edition 1994, 2nd Revised Edition 1995)

Paratrooper. by Gerry Devlin - St.Martins

Paratrooper-Life of Gen.Jim Gavin. by Booth & Spencer - Simon/Schuster

Passing Through - The 82nd Airborne Division in Northern Ireland, December 9,1943 until their move to England in early 1944. Author; John McCann.

Pathfinder- First In- Last Out/a Vietnam memoir. by Richard Burns - Ballintine Books 2002.

Put on Your Boots and Parachutes. - Author Derek Wills

Ready. - Author Allen Langdon - Western Newspaper Pub. Co. Inc.

Rendevous at Rochelinval. Author, William Tucker of I company 505 PIR. - Int. Airborne Books

Ridgway's Paratroopers. by Clay Blair

Roll of Honor. by Fr. Thuring, Bevrijdings Museum/Groesbeek,The Netherlands

Sainte Mere Eglise. Author Alexander Renaud

Sainte-Mere-Eglise, Photographs of D-Day, Michel DeTrez, D-Day Publishing, www.d-day-publishing.be

Search for Members of the 505PIR WWII Bob Gillett-James Meyers self published records

Stand Up & Hook Up. by Buck Dawson

Stanley Weinberg Letters. Online Library of Congress

Stanley Weinberg--WWII Remembrances Weinberg, A self published memoir Weinberg, Ann

Stragedy. Author, Frank Miale of B company 307th Airborne Engineers Bn. - Trafford

Strike & Hold/Memoir of 82 Abn WWII. Burriss, T Moffatt - Brassey's

Sword of St. Michael, The. Author, Guy LoFaro.

"The Left Corner of My Heart" The Saga Of The 551st Parachute Infantry Battalion, by Dan Morgan.

The Way We Were #2, Col. Bob Piper, Michel De Trez, D-Day Publishing, www.d-day-publishing.be

The Way We Were #3, Doc McIlvoy & his Parachuting Medics, Michel De Trez, D-Day Publishing, www.d-day-publishing.be

The Way We Were #4, Col. Ben Vandervoort, Michel De Trez, D-Day Publishing, www.d-day-publishing.be

They Are Only Gone, If They Are Forgotten. Author; S. R. Zaley. Story of 505-PIR Third Bn's Headquarters Company.

Thirty Five Days in Normandy. Author, William Tucker of I company 505 PIR. - Int. Airborne Books

Time out for Combat. Author, Otis L. Sampson of E company 505 PIR.

Treasures in My Heart letters-John Ray-F-Co

Triple Nickles. - Story of the 555-PIB - Author Bradley Biggs.

US Airborne Forces. by Gregory, Barry - Gallery Books

US Paratrooper....1941-45. by Smith,Carl-Chappell, M. - Oxford Press

War and People. Author, Allan C. Barger. Unpublished manuscript.

"We Jumped To Fight". Author Colonel Edson D. Raff, Published by Eagle Books, 1944. The first Parachute combat jump in WW-II by the 2nd Battalion of the 503rd Parachute Infantry later to become the 509th PIR. From England the 503rd travelled 1500 miles by C-47, to participate with the Center Task Force during the invasion of North Africa.
(Operation Torch, November 1942). This book is one of the webmaster's favorite reads on the early days of America's parachute troops in WW-II.

Why Me? My experiences with the 82nd Airborne in WW II. Author, John Perozzi of E company 505 PIR.


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Books marked with * were published with the help of agent/editor Gayle Wurst. Her passion is helping get the true stories of the 82nd Airborne - particularly those of the 505 RCT - out on the open market, so they may be shared with as many people as possible.

Gayle can be contacted at dropzone82nd@aol.com

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