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Eberhart Russell Jr J Pvt Co I Ardennes 1/5/1945 KIA USA
Eilman Richard   H Pvt HQ/3 Holland 10/1/1944 KIA MAR 
Elizondo Joe     Pvt Co E Ardennes 12/21/1944 KIA H-C
Ellingson Lloyd   G T/5 Med/F Holland 9/20/1944 KIA USA
Ellis Joseph   C Pvt Co B Ardennes 1/3/1945 KIA H-C
Emerick Ulysses   S Pvt Co D Holland 10/3/1944 KIA MAR
Ensley Frankie   B Sgt Co E Germany 4/6/1945 KIA USA
Esparza Santiago   H Pvt Co B Ardennes 12/23/1944 KIA USA
Ettinger Irvin   E T/5 SVC France 5/10/1945 DNB Epinal
Evans Thomas   H Pvt Co D Ardennes 12/25/1944 KIA USA
Eveland Charles   W PFC Co H Holland 10/21/1944 DOW USA
Everhardy John Jr R PFC HQ/3 Normandy 7/3/1944 DOW USA
Fabro Charles     Pvt HQ/2 Holland 10/6/1944 DOW USA
Fabis Andrew   V PFC Co F Holland 9/21/1944 DOW Czech
Falco Phillip   F Pvt HHC Holland 9/26/1944 KIA MAR
Faranfontoff Walter   H Pvt Co C Holland 9/24/1944 KIA USA
Farrington James   B Pvt Co I Normandy 6/7/1944 DOW USA
Federkiewicz Ksower   B Pvt Co G Germany 2/2/1945 KIA USA
Fehring James   E Pvt Co E Ardennes 12/29/1944 KIA USA
Ferguson Robert   G PFC Co A Normandy 6/6/1944 KIA NOR
Fidler William   J Cpl HQ/3 Normandy 6/6/1944 KIA USA
Fiske Raymond   E Pvt HQ/3 Sicily 7/11/1943 KIA S-R
Fitt Joseph   C Pvt Co C Normandy 6/13/1943 KIA USA
Foster Roy   D T/4 Co E Holland 10/24/1944 KIA USA
Fowler Homer   E Cpl HQ/3 Holland 10/2/1944 KIA USA
Fowler Robert   H Pvt Co F Holland 9/19/1944 KIA USA
Fowlkes Alpheus Jr E Pvt Med/C Holland 10/2/1944 KIA MAR
Francisco Vernon   L Sgt Co F Ardennes 1/3/1945 DOW USA
Freeland Fred   W Sgt Co D Ardennes 1/3/1945 KIA USA
Fries Leslie   D Pfc Co A Normandy 9/15/1944 DOW Cambridge
Fryer Melvin   J Sgt HQ/1 Normandy 6/18/1944 KIA USA
Fulton Donald   M Pvt Unk Sicily 7/10/1943 KIA USA
Gagne Camille   E Pvt Co E Holland 9/20/1944 KIA MAR
Gaillard William Jr S 1/Lt Co I Normandy 6/17/1944 KIA NOR
Gardine Lawrence   E Cpl HQ/2 Normandy 6/6/1943 KIA USA
Garrett Louis   H PFC Co E Italy 11/21/1943 DOW USA
Gash Albert   N Cpl Co I Holland 10/1/1944 KIA USA
Gavin Jack   E 2/Lt Co G Holland 9/19/1944 KIA USA
Geary Albert     PFC Co I Normandy 6/21/1944 KIA NOR
Geiler Kenneth   E T/5 Co H Normandy 6/24/1944 KIA NOR
Gennette Melvin   L Pvt Co C Normandy 6/8/1944 KIA NOR
Gilliland Everett   W Pvt Co I Holland 9/18/1944 KIA USA
Gilmore Marvin   G Pvt Co E  Normandy 6/17/1944 KIA USA
Glascock Alfred   W Pvt Co G Sicily 7/11/1943 KIA USA
Glorso James   V Pvt HQ/1 Holland 10/2/1944 KIA USA
Goodwin Bernard   W Cpl Co D Normandy 6/6/1944 KIA USA
Gordon Oscar   L 2/Lt 1/Bn Sicily 7/11/1943 KIA USA
Gorham Authur   F Lt/Col I Bn CO Sicily 7/14/1943 KIA USA
Gorko Aloysius   C PFC Co B Ardennes 12/23/1944 KIA H-C
Goveia Paul   E PFC Co C Normandy 6/6/1944 KIA USA
Gousman George   H PFC Co C Sicily 7/11/1943 KIA S-R
Graft Robert   G Pvt Co E Ardennes 12/21/1944 KIA USA
Granillo Joe   V Cpl Co B Normandy 6/6/1944 KIA USA
Grant John   L Pvt Co D Ardennes 12/26/1944 DOW USA
Graves Duane   B Pvt HQ/2 Ardennes 12/21/1944 KIA USA
Graves Lee   G PFC Co F Normandy 6/17/1944 KIA USA
Gray James   T PFC Co H Normandy 6/9/1944 DOW USA
Gregory Author   L Pvt Co F Holland 9/20/1944 DOW MAR
Grills Donald   E PFC Co A Ardennes 1/1/1945 KIA H-C
Grzelok Zigmund   J PFC Co H Holland 9/21/1944 DOW MAR
Gudeika Julius   G Sgt Co C Italy 1/21/1945 DOW S-R
Guenther Carl   B Pvt Co H Ardennes 1/3/1945 DOW USA
Guerrant Morris   P 1/Lt Co B Germany 4/30/1945 KIA USA
Gullick William   A 2/Lt Co G England 5/12/1944 DNB USA
Gustafson Allan   O Pvt Co G Normandy 7/4/1944 KIA USA
Gustafson Kenneth   W Pvt Co H Holland 10/4/1944 KIA USA
Haag Edward Jr   Cpl Co B Holland 9/17/1944 KIA USA
Hable Earl   H PFC Co E Ardennes 1/3/1945 KIA USA
Haggard John   O Pvt Co D Normany 6/25/1944 KIA NOR
Hale Howard   W PFC Co I Sicily 7/10/1943 KIA USA
Hall William   L Pvt Co F Holland 9/20/1944 KIA MAR
Hallahan William Jr A Cpl Co I Ardennes 1/3/1945 KIA H-C
Hamula John     1/Lt Co F Ardennes 1/5/1945 KIA USA
Hancock Asa   T 1/Lt Co G Holland 9/29/1944 KIA MAR
Hanson Allen   L PFC HQ/3 Germany 4/29/1945 KIA USA
Hanson Russell   A Pvt Co I Germany 4/30/1945 KIA MAR
Harbin Eldridge   V Pvt Co C Sicily 7/11/1943 KIA USA
Harding Joseph   D Pvt Co H Normandy 6/6/1944 KIA NOR
Haring Donald   E PFC Unk France 9/12/1945 DNB St Avold
Harringan Lawrence   W Pvt Co C Ardennes 1/3/1945 KIA USA
Harris James   R Pvt Co E Sicily 7/11/1943 KIA USA
Harris Kenneth   L Pvt Co G Germany 4/30/1945 KIA MAR
Harris Oscar   C PFC Co I Ardennes 1/3/1945 KIA USA
Harvey Ralph Jr E Pvt Co I Normany 6/7/1944 KIA NOR
Haupt Walter     2/Lt Co C Ardennes 1/3/1945 KIA USA
Hayes Clayton   C Pvt Co F Holland 9/20/1944 KIA USA
Haymoff Joseph   M PFC Co B Normany 6/6/1944 KIA USA
Heard Harold   H PFC Co B Normany 6/17/1944 DOW USA
Heath Willard   B Pvt Co E Ardennes 12/21/1944 KIA USA
Heggood Johnny   F Sgt Co B Ardennes 1/5/1945 KIA USA
Heinemann Walter   A PFC Co B Normany 7/23/1944 KIA USA
Heiss Ralph   F Pvt HQ/1 Normandy 6/26/1944 DOW USA
Heller Leland   C Pvt Med Ardennes 12/26/1944 DOW USA
Helvin Thomas Jr K PFC Co D Normandy 6/7/1944 KIA USA
Hendrickson George   E 2/Lt Co D Normandy 7/7/1944 KIA USA
Hendrix Arthur   R PFC Co F Sicily 7/12/1943 KIA USA
Henry Joseph   E Pvt Co B Normandy 6/8/1944 KIA NOR
Herman Jacob Jr T Pvt Co D Holland 9/19/1944 KIA MAR
Herrin Robert   L Pvt Co G Normandy 6/8/1944 KIA NOR
Heule Vernon   E PFC Co C Ardennes 1/7/1945 KIA USA
Hile Authur   S Pvt Co I Normandy 6/8/1944 KIA USA
Hodge Jadie   C Pvt Co B Holland 9/20/1944 KIA USA
Hodges Norman   J Cpl Co E Italy 11/20/1943 DOW USA
Hodgins Charles   S Pvt Co F Holland 10/2/1944 KIA MAR
Holland Orell   G PFC Co C Normandy 6/8/1944 KIA USA
Holmes William   P PFC Co E Holland 10/23/1944 MIA MAR WOM
Holtzmann Robert   E Pvt Co G Normandy 6/6/1944 KIA USA
Horney Michael   E Pvt Co G Italy 9/18/1943 KIA USA
Houser Authur   H PFC Co G Sicily 7/11/1943 KIA USA
Hoversten William   T S/Sgt HQ/2 Holland 9/21/1944 KIA MAR
Hudson Dale   C Pvt Co F Ardennes 6/16/1944 KIA USA
Huges Marshall     2/Lt Co D Ardennes 1/3/1945 KIA H-C
Hughes Robert   F Pvt Co G Holland 9/22/1944 KIA MAR
Humenik John     Pvt Co C Ardennes 1/3/1945 DOW H-C
Humpich William   J T/5 Ser/Co Sicily 7/19/1943 DOW USA
Hungerford Kenneth   V Pvt Co F Holland 9/20/1944 KIA USA
Hunting Raymond Jr D PFC HHC Holland 9/25/1944 KIA MAR
Insley Robert   S 2/Lt Unk Normandy 6/7/1944 KIA USA
Intrieri Emelio     PFC Co I Ardennes 1/3/1945 KIA USA
Irvin George   R Pfc Co I Normandy 6/6/1944 KIA USA

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