This page is dedicated to Battery Commander Harold R. Thain (1921-2007) of the 456 PFA

One of his junior officers wrote this about Harold as a Battery Commander:
In his quiet & unassuming manner, my Battery Commander had the unique ability of taking a battery of low capability & by dint of personality, energy & acumen, he increased its capability in time for the invasion of Normandy & the Market Garden campaign in Holland.

[Thain left a complete plane loading plan for the C-47s going into Sicily on July 9, 1943. It took 8 C-47s to carry the entire D Battery 456 Parachute Field Artillery Battalion into Sicily. Harold includes weight of paratroopers with all their personal gear & the weight of the ammo & guns. Jumpmasters are named along with the names of each paratrooper and their assignment such as gunner or ammo carrier. This info is contained in a small Army Officer's Notebook. He also lists missing, dead & wounded.]

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