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This page is dedicated to Irvin W. "Turk" Seelye


505 PIR 4 combat jumps

Irvin W. Seelye hailed from the town of Pekin, in Tazwell County, Illinois. He entered the United States Army on March 9th 1942 from Peoria. Irvin made three combat parachute jumps with the 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment. He was seriously wounded in France on June 11th 1944. Below in Irvin's own words, he tells of his part in the D-Day combat jump into Normandy.   


Pfc. Irvin "Turk" Seelye, 1944.
Pfc. Irvin

The following narative is from E companies unpublished manuscript "Echoes of the Warriors" edited by George Jacobus. "Echoes of the Warriors" is a collection of stories from the men of E company                                                 *505 Parachute Infantry Regiment*

                           copyright - 1992 "Echoes of the Warriors" ( not for reprint )

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Left to Right - Pfc's. Bill Embury, Bill Eppler Jr.,
and Irvin "Turk" Seelye, Sicily 1943.
Pfc. Irvin



Pfc. Irvin "Turk" Seelye's, Hospital file, June 1944.
Pfc. Irvin



Irvin's Draft Registration card side 1, 1941.
Pfc. Irvin



Irvin's Draft Registration card side 2, 1941.
Pfc. Irvin



Irvin's college photo 1940.
Illinois State University. Normal, Illinois.
Pfc. Irvin
Biological Sciences.



Irvin "Turk" Seelye's obituary - July 2013.
Pfc. Irvin


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