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This page is dedicated to William "Billy" Sanchez of G Company


 William Sanchez hailed from the city of Hayward, in Alameda County, California. He began his Army service on September 13th, 1943 from San Francisco, California. After completing his basic training and four weeks of parachute school at Fort Benning he left for overseas duty in the European Theatre in May of 1944. In July 1944 William was assigned to Company G, 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Divsion. Private First Class Sanchez participated in the Rhineland and Ardennes campaigns. He was killed in action on December 22,1944 at a four man listening post in  Grand Halleux, Belgium on the east side of the Salm river. William was awarded the Purple Heart medal, the Combat Infantryman Badge, the Belgium Fourragere Award, Good Conduct medal and the World War II Victory medal.

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Sanchez had a second son that served during WW-II. His name was Tony F. Sanchez. He was a gunners mate with the United States Navy in the Pacific Theatre.

William and Francis Schweikert, both served in G company,
they were reported missing in action within 2 days of each other.
Their families corresponded with each other hoping for the best.
Read their letters below.

In March 2016, this photo was found in an envelope
containing a July, 1945 letter from Mr. and Mrs. A. Sanchez
to Francis X. Schweikert, a liberated POW.


Billy Sanchez is seated, John Diffin (standing center) Camp Suippes, France 1944.


Pfc.William Sanchez, Belgium 1944.
(Photo; Wayne G. Schultz Collection)



Below, the day after this picture was taken, these four paratroopers were together at a listening post on the east side of the Salm River in the town of Grand Halleux, Belgium. Private First Class William Sanchez and Sergeant Willie Beatie were "killed in action" on December 22nd 1944, when leading elements of the 1st Panzer Regiment attacked their position.



The following letter, dated 6 Feb 45, was sent to Mr. and Mrs.Sanchez, in answer to a 26 Jan 45 letter.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Schweikert's son, Pfc. Francis X. Schweikert ( aka Chi ) went missing in action on
25 Dec 44.
Pfc. William Sanchez ( aka "Chico" to his parents) was reported missing in action 22 Dec 44.



The following letter, 3 pages, dated 20 Feb 45 was sent to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schweikert,

One family received that dreaded letter; "Your son William was Killed in Action"
The other family, thinking their son was also "Killed in Action",
Received a telegram March 1945, their son, Francis, was released from a POW camp.



Below; The Western Union telegram sent to the parents of Pfc. Francis X. Schweikert.
Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez received a similar telegram telling them their son William Sanchez
"was missing in action".



The following letter, 8 pages, dated 23 July 45, was sent to Pfc. Francis X. Schweikert ( aka Chi-Chi ). The letter is from the parents of Pfc. William Sanchez. Francis had returned to the United States from his captivity in a German POW camp.



Here are the photos Francis and William took while they were on five day furlough to Paris, France after the Holland Campaign.



William's draft card, side one. He was born in the city of Hayward, Alameda County, California in 1925.
    Side two, below.





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