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This web page is dedicated to Clarence Prager


505 PIR 4 combat jumps

    Clarence Prager enlisted into the Army on April 12, 1942 from Boston, West Virginia. He served in I company as a Staff Sergeant. Clarence made all four combat jumps with the 505-PIR, he was killed in action while fighting in Holland on September 18,1944.






Staff Sergeant Clarence Prager, 1944.
Staff Sergeant Clarence Prager


Staff Sergeant Clarence Prager of I company. Our guess is the picture was taken in England before D-Day 1944.
He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for actions he took against the enemy on the day he was killed,
September 18,1944 in Holland.
Staff Sergeant Clarence Prager


The photo below was taken in May of 1944 in front of the Goscote Hotel, Leicester, England.
(Left to right) 1st Sergeant Harold Melvin, Mrs. H. Sheppard, Staff Sergeant Clarence Prager, Mr. H. Sheppard and Staff Sergeant Donald G. Sutherland. The Sheppard's are proprietors of the hotel.
Staff Sergeant Prager's DSC awarded posthumously.



Staff Sergeant Clarence Prager's draft registration card for World War II. Front side.
Staff Sergeant Clarence Prager

Back side of draft registration card.
Staff Sergeant Clarence Prager






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