Troopers of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment


This page is dedicated to Hubert G. Pack


Hubert Pack joined F Company of the 505th as a replacement after the Sicily campaign in time to participate in the jump on the Salerno, Italy beachhead. He was awarded the Silver Star in Normandy and the Bronze Star in Holland.

In notes provided by JP Speder of Stavelot, Belgium, Pack's name appears for the last time in a morning report of January 1945, where he is mentioned as returning to the company after a formation at the pathfinder school of the 82nd Airborne Division.

It seems that Pack died shortly after the war ended.


Webmasters note; When I came to the website in early 2012 the above notes on Hubert G. Pack were already in place. On the original Meyers/Gillette roster he was listed as passing on May 14,1946. When we began updating the M/G OG roster we found Hubert lived to a nice old age of 94, passing in California on September 18,2011.

We are s till working on this webpage, November 2023.



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