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This web page is dedicated to Charles W. Maxey


82nd Airborne patch

 Charles W. Maxey hailed from the town of Clarksdale in Coahoma County, Mississippi, he enlisted into the Army on February 11, 1942 from state's capitol of Jackson. He volunteered for the paratroops and after attending 4 weeks of jump school, Charles sailed for North Africa on April 29th 1943 arriving on May 10th 1943. From Tunisia, Charles made the nightime combat jump into Sicily on the night of July 9,10 1943. Here he earned his Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) and the Purple Heart medal for wounds received fighting on the Island. Later in August of 1943 Charles earned his Glider Badge. Private First Class Charles W. Maxey participated in 5 campaigns during the war and was present at the Elbe river crossing in April of 1945, the last river crossing the 82nd Airborne Division made before the war ended in May of 1945. Charles was honorably discharged on September 22, 1945. He was a high point veteran with an ASR score of 106. (Soldiers needed 85 points to go home at the end of the war.)



Pfc. Charles Maxey winter 1944,45.
Pfc. Charles Maxey winter 1944,45


P-47 Thunderbolt, Holland 1944.
P 47


Gummersbach Germany.
Gummersbach Germany


Al at Gummersbach (Germany.)


Gummersbach Germany, April 1945.






Holland 1944.
P 47


Supermen coming back to surrender. (caption on back of photo)
Supermen surrendering


Supermen (Germany, April 1945.)


Ludwigslust, Germany 1945.


Gus and Bill at Gummersbach Germany.
Gus and Bill at Gummersbach Germany


Gus at Ludwigslust, Germany 1945.
Gus at Ludwigslust, Germany 1945


Wrecked Glider, Wesel, Germany 1945.
Possibly Operation Varsity (Caption on back "Wessel")
Wrecked Glider, Wessel, Germany 1945


German Refugees (in background Germany 1945).
German Refugees


Gus and Mahart at showers.
Gus and Mahart at showers


Ludwigslust, Germany 1945.
Ludwigslust, Germany 1945


Elbe river bridge 1945.
Elbe river bridge


Bill Thompson and Parri.
Bill Thompson and Parri


More Supermen.
More Supermen




Scott, Ghandi and Johnny, Oates at Gummersbach,
Scott, Ghandi and Johnny, Oates at Gummersbach, Germany.


Gus, Pierce and Kimerler in Belgium 1944.
Gus, Pierce and Kimerler in Belgium 1944


Dead Slave Laborers at Ludwigslust, Germany 1945.
Dead Slave Laborers at Ludwigslust, Germany 1945


Charles W. Maxey after the war.
Charles W. Maxey



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