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This page is dedicated to Emerson G. Heal


505 PIR 4 combat jumps

    Born in Pennsylvania, Emerson G. Heal enlisted into the National Guard sometime in the late 1930's. As a Private First Class in the Signal Corps. Asn - 20380748, he re-enlisted on February 3rd 1941 from Norfolk, Virginia. Emerson served in G company, earning the Silver Star medal in Normandy. He made all four combat jumps with the regiment, Sicily, Italy, Normandy and Holland. Sergeant Robert B. Heal, Emerson's brother went MIA when his  B-29 Super Fortress collided with another B-29 while on a training mission over the Maldive Islands off the coast of East India.




Emerson Heal during his basic training.(upper right) Front center picture is from his days
with the Signal Corps.(note upper lapel pins, crossed signal flags) The lower left picture
was taken shortly after Emerson received his jump wings.
Emerson G. Heal



Emerson Heal on the left, talking with Sgt. Robert B. Heal his brother. Robert was a crew
member and radio man on a B-29 Super Fortress. Emerson was visiting his brother while
Robert was training in the States
Emerson talking with pilot in the door of a C-47.



Emerson's brother, Sergeant Robert B. Heal a crew member and radio operator on
a B-29 Super Fortress. (kneeling, 1st man on left)
Sergeant Robert B. Heal B-29 crew



Emerson's brother, Sergeant Robert B. Heal (kneeling 1st on left), with the B-29 crew. B-29 crew Robert B. Heal lower left front



Private Emerson G. Heal of G company, receives his Silver Star medal from General Gavin. (1945) Silver Star award Private Emerson G. Heal of G company



Virginia news article listing the regiments state participants in the capture of Saint Mere Eglise, France.(1944)
News Article














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