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This page is dedicated to Thomas L. Glass


Private First Class insinia

Thomas L. Glass, of Anadarko, Oklahoma, entered the U.S. Army on November 4th, 1943 from Oklahoma City. He arrived at Camp Quorn, England, during the summer of 1944 and earned his Jump Wings there. In November 1944, Thomas left England, crossing the English Channel on his way to Suippes, France (near Rheims) where he was assigned to B company with the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment. On December 18th 1944, Pfc Glass and his regiment were transported by truck in subzero weather conditions to the northern front of the German offensive in the Ardennes Forest of Belgium known as the Battle of the Bulge. The 505th initially held defensive positions there, and the 19 year old Pfc Glass and company patrolled the area and learned how to fire a bazooka and be part of a machine gun team. After the pull back along the Salm river on the night of December 24th 1944, the 82nd Airborne Division's counter-offensive began January 3, 1945. Pfc Glass' B Company of the 505th, was tasked that day to charge the German held hamlet of Reharmont, Belgium, begining their assault about 8:30 that morning. A heavy concentration of large artillery and mortar fire was directed at his unit, and a mortar shell exploded behind Pfc Glass throwing him several yards down a hill and severely wounding him on his backside. Still conscious, unable to walk, and bleeding, he yelled for a medic but none could make their way to him. His best friend in the Army, Pfc Joe Ellis of Hackensack, New Jersey, then came to assist him, but was told by officers to keep moving toward the village. Glass told Ellis to "go give 'em hell" and he did. Unfortunately, Pfc Ellis was killed in action later that day. Pfc Glass was treated in the field by medics, laying along side a snowy and frozen roadside just inches from Army tanks as they fired away. Medics then placed him on a stretcher and on to a jeep where he was taken to a medical aide station near Haute Bodeux. Pfc Glass lost much blood and began to go into shock, however, he was stabilized, and transported by ambulance to a hospital train bound for Paris. He was operated on there, and later in England, and was sent stateside to California for convalescence. After 14 months of hospitalization, Pfc Glass was honorably discharged from the Army, receiving the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and Combat Infantry Badge medals. (Our thanks to the Glass Family for this history)


Private First Class Thomas L. Glass of B company.
Private First Class Thomas L. Glass  B Company




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