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This page is dedicated to Samuel B. Bowen


505 PIR 4 combat jumps

    Staff Sergeant Samuel B. Bowen was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division's Parachute Maintenance company. He earned his Combat Infantryman Badge in Sicily, July 1943.

The 82nd Parachute Maintenance Company came about by combining the parachute riggers from the following units of the Division, the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, the 376th Parachute Artillery Battalion, the 456th Parachute Artillery Battalion, the 307th Parachute Engineer Battalion, the 307th Airborne Medical Company and most of the cooks from the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment.

While Riggers did not see as much combat as did line outfits, they sent jumpers on every major operation of the Division from Sicily to Holland. Excerpts above from the unpublished work, "Our Outfit" The story of the Parachute Riggers of the 82nd Airborne Division. William Embry, Editor. Learn more about the 82nd's Parachute Maintenance Company through this blog on fellow trooper William A. Clark who served with Sam in WW-II.



Staff Sergeant Sam Bowen - Parachute Maintenance Company



Staff Sergeant Sam Bowen.
Staff Sergeant Sam Bowen in Europe 1944.



" The 82nd Parachute Maintenance Company". The pages are displayd side by side showing their journey through Europe.
From the unpublished work, "Our Outfit" The story of the Parachute Riggers of the 82nd Airborne Division. William Embry, Editor.



Staff Sergeant Sam Bowen and General Eisenhower. 1944 (U.S. Army Photograph).
General Eisenhower and S/Sgt. Sam Bowen



Beginners sewing class at Fort Bragg after the war ended. (U.S. Army Photograph)



German Wehrmacht patches.



Signed by General Gavin, Jack/John "Beaver" Thompson WW-II correspondant who jumped with the 505RCT into Sicily and Hal Boyle of the Associated Press. ( fold in center )
General Gavin inside

Outside cover of above with fold in center.
General Gavin front and back cover



Safe Conduct Pass.
Safe Conduct Pass



September 17th 1946 telegram.
Nijmegan Holland 1946



Master Sergeant Sam Bowen receives an award July 27,1962. Sam retired on January 1, 1963. (U.S. Army Photograph)
July 1962












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