1947 issue of Paraglide magazine


The July and October, 1947 issue of the Paraglide magazine. Volume 1, Number 4.
The magazine was issued quarterly. Shown here courtesy of the Arnold W. Peterman collection.


Page 1.
1947-Paraglide page-1

Page 2.
1947-Paraglide page-2

Page 3.
1947-Paraglide page-3

Page 4.
1947-Paraglide page-4

Page 5.
1947-Paraglide page-5

Page 6.
1947-Paraglide page-6

Page 7.
1947-Paraglide page-7

Page 8.
1947-Paraglide page-8

Page 9.
1947-Paraglide page-9

Page 10.
1947-Paraglide page-10

Page 11.
1947-Paraglide page-11

Page 12.
1947-Paraglide page-12

Page 13.
1947-Paraglide page-13

Page 14.
1947-Paraglide page-14

Page 15.
1947-Paraglide page-15

Page 16.
1947-Paraglide page-16

Page 17.
1947-Paraglide page-17

Page 18.
1947-Paraglide page-18

Page 19.
1947-Paraglide page-19

Page 20.
1947-Paraglide page-20

Page 21.
1947-Paraglide page-21

Page 22.
1947-Paraglide page-22

Page 23.
1947-Paraglide page-23

Page 24.
1947-Paraglide page-24



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