Family & Friends of the 505th RCT Association
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WWII Veteran/ 505 RCT Association: Yes____ No___ Company____

Spouse:____ Family:_____ Honorary Member/ 505RCT Assn. _____

Your Connection to 505 RCT : ( relative, friend etc.?)


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Annual Dues are $ 12.00 per year per Member (USD) (fiscal year extends from July 1- June 30 with no pro rating of dues) Dues are not tax deductible.

WWII veterans of the 505 RCT Association and its Honorary Members (so designated prior to July 1, 2004) are exempt from dues.
Donations Accepted:______________

Send completed form, with check payable to "Family & Friends of the 505 RCT Association" to :

Ellen Peters
3630 Townsend Drive
Dallas, TX 75229

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