1942 - Operation Torch - Invasion of North Africa

                                                    2nd Battalion - 503rd Parachute Infantry

This webpage covers one of the first books written about WW-II, it was called "We Jumped To Fight" and was authored by Colonel Edson D. Raff. This book ranks as #5 in the webmaster's list of the top five books about parachuting during WW-II.

    On June 11, 1942 the 2nd Battalion, 503rd Parachute Infantry landed (by convoy) on the British Isles. They were the first American parachute troops to come to Europe.

The first use of United States Army parachute forces for combat was on the night of November 7,8, 1942. Thirty nine C-47's, carrying parachute troops of the 2nd Battalion, 503rd Parachute Infantry, took off from two airports on the west coast of England on a 1500 mile flight to North Africa. Their main objective of was to deny the German Luftwaffe the use of a French military aerodrome called Maison Blanche, located a few miles south of the city of Oran, in central North Africa.

General Mark Clark.
Maison Blanche, south of Oran, Youks Les Bain  Thelepte, Tunisia .


We are working here July 3,2022


On July 2, 2022, two copies of the book "We Jumped To Fight" were for sale on Amazon.com.
One copy of the book was selling for $1608.58 and another for $750.00. The price is out of reach for most WW-II buffs. The webmasters' 1944 first edition copy is shown below. The book's cover and spine.


Operation Torch November 1942



Operation Torch November 1942














Below are two books that tell the story of the
first combat jumps by American paratroopers in WW-II.

We Jumped To Fight
The story of the first combat jumps by American paratroopers in WW-II November 8,9, 1942. Author; Colonel Edson D. Raff, 1944.
One of the first WW-II books published during the war in 1944.

Bailout Over North Africa
A story of the first combat jump during WW-II. Author,Lt Gen. Retired, William P. Yarborough 1979.



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